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About the construction of the finished products department

On June 14, 2019, the company introduced a senior product manager in order to strengthen the strength of the finished product business and improve the market share in foreign countries, so that the external business strength of the company's foreign trade department has been further substantially improved. In 2019, the company is committed to the finished product business while stabilizing the domestic market share. In today's strong international market competition, the company clearly recognizes that the market share is the most important for the company's survival and further development. Therefore, the company has been trying its best to develop the market in the market competition between domestic market and foreign market. In the increasingly internationalized market environment of China, the expansion of finished products and the share of foreign markets will play an important role in the future development and growth of enterprises. For enterprises to go on and go international, the finished product business is essential. Therefore, the introduction of the manager of the finished product department, on the one hand, strengthens the finished product business ability of the group company and attaches importance to the finished product, on the other hand, reflects that the group company is the trend and strategic direction for future development (to build a large group company with an international well-known brand). I believe that with the joint efforts of the company's leaders and product managers, the company's share of the future product business and foreign market will be improved in detail, and the company will improve its influence and reputation abroad.

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