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Northwest   Institute of Textile Science and Technology, located in Xi' an City, a world-renowned ancient capital in history and cultur, is a higher education institute enrolling students from nationwide (originally subordinate to China Textile Association), and also the only higher education institute of textile in Northwest and Southwest China. As a time-honored institute, Northwest Institute of Textile Science and Technology enjoys a history of almost one hundred years. It is a higher education institute of textile that features majors of textile, clothes and artistic design, mainly based on engineering courses, in combination with multiple disciplines such as engineering, management, arts and economic trade. Currently, there are such departments as the Textile Science and Engineering Department, Mechanical Engineering Department, Information Control Department, Economy and Management Department, Chemistry and Chemical Industry Department, C-Social Science Department, Fundamental Course Department, Garment College and Adult Education Collede, including 13 majors for undergarduates and 6majors for junior college education receivers. Additionally, it also has a branch in Guangdong Huizhou University.

Northwest Institute of Textile Science and Technology is among the first units authorized by the State Council to confer the Bachelor's Degree and Master's Degree, with eight majors for Master's Degree. It enrolls students from nationwide and graduates from it also go all over the nation. Currently, the Institute has over 1100 faculty members, over 4,000 undergraduates and junior college education receivers, plus additionally over 100 postgraduates. Since its establishment twenty years ago, the Institute has cultivated over 300 post-graduates with Master's Degree, over 10,000 graduates and junior college education graduates. Among its over 400 teachers, there are over 140 professors and associate professors, and 30 experts and scholars of other senior positions. The institute attacher great importance to overall development of students, and is dedicated to promotion of education quality.

Finally, the Institute has 21 research organizations, including the Textile Engineering Research Institute, the Garment Research Institute, the Electronic Applicaton Technology Research Institute, the Weaving Material Research Center, the Soft Science Research Center, weaving machinery unit, cotton weaving unit, dyeing and treatment unit, computer application unit and others.

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