Group Companies

Quanzhou Yongu Weaving Co.,Ltd.

Located in Yongu Industrial Park of the 1st Industrial Zone of Yonghe,Jinjiang City,Quanzhou Yongu Weaving Co.,Ltd.(Now renamed Fujian Yongu Group Co.,Ltd.)covers an area of 80mu,and has introduced jet loom and electronic multi-arm machine.It specializes in development and production of high-end high-density nylon fabric,ultra fine filament chemical fiber fabric and interwoven fabrics for casual wears.Its products cover all types of woven chemical fiber products,generally including various plain,twill and jacquard fabrics interwoven with nylon,Dacron,Taslon and polyester-cotton.There are superfine denier series(20D,30D),imitation memory serise,metal silk fabric,and double-end & double-weft serise.

Jinjiang Yongu Textile Coating Co.,Ltd.

Jinjiang Yongu Textile Coating Co.,Ltd.,established in 2000,is one of the major industries of the Group.It is located in Yongu Industrial Park of the 1st Industrial Zone of Yonghe in Jinjiang City,covering an area of 150mu.The company has 4PVC coating production lines and 2 complex production lines.In recent years,it has also introduced multiple sets of internationally advanced polishing machines,as well as AC,PU and permeable production lines,capable of producing and processing PVC coating,PU coating,AC coating and various composite fabrics.

Shishi Yongu Trading Co.,Ltd.

Shishi Yongu Trading Co.,Ltd. mainly operates functional fabrics and fabrics for hi-tech sports and casual wears.The products feature soft feel,good elasticity and non-bubbling,while they are washable,durable,foldable,waterproof,static-free,resistant to dirt,permeable,heat-dissipaing and warmth-keeping.Meanwhile,the Group also undertakes to produce and process various synthetic fabrics such as PVC coating,PU,AV,fabrics with high permeability,luggage leather,etc.

Yongu Real Estate Development Co.,Ltd.

Yongu Real Estate Development Co.,Ltd. has participated in the project of reconstructing the old urban area located at Yanhe Road section of Yuanjiang.The project covers a tatal area of 160mu,with a planned total investment of RMB200 million and total planned construction area of around 200,000㎡.The landscaping ratio of the project is 32% and theplot ratio is 2.16. In te project,around 70,000㎡ is for commercial use,and over 130,000㎡ for residential communities.As the heavy investment in the project,it is not only listed as a key construction project in Yuanjiang City,but also receives great attention and much support from the provincial,municipal and district governments.Yongu Real Estate decides to create,with joint efforts of Yuanjiang government,"the first central business and wealth cycle of Yuanjiang,and the first community with charming culture in Yuanjiang".

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