Development  Course

Three Major Stages in Development of Yongu Group

First Stage
First stage, accumulation of initial resources(1990-1997):in 1990, Shishi Yuanyangchi Cloth Trading Market was just established. As one of the first enterprises entering into the market, Shishi Shunyi Trading Co.,Ltd. was established by the founders of Yongu. Following the establishment was family-type trading and down-to-earth dedication to business undertaking. Accumulation of resources was preliminarily completed.
Second Stage

Second stage, scale development (1998-2002):the enterprise began its scale development and industrial investments. In 1998, Jinjiang Shunyi Knitted Clothes Co.,Ltd. was established; in 2002, Jinjiang Yongu Textile Coating Co.,Ltd. was established in the 1st Industrial Zone of Yonghe Town.

Third Stage

Third stage, strategic development of brand (2003-now):to promote strategic development of the product brand, in 2003, Jinjiang Shunyi Knitted Clothes Co.,Ltd. was invested and established; in 2006, Yongu Real Estate Development Co.,Ltd. in Yuanjiang was established; in the same year, Quanzhou Yongu Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. was setablished based on the operation tenet of scientific and technological development and seeking for a living based on quality.

Currently,Fujian Yongu Group Co.,Ltd. is a competitive diversified large group company which regards production and operation of functional fabrics and hi-tech fabrics for sports and casual wears as the leading industry with business covering areas such as real estate development, industrial investment, impot and expot trade etc.

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